The right digital signage enclosure – the benefits are all in the Housing

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When it comes to installing a digital signage network, installers place a lot of emphasis on the screens, network and software platforms for delivering the content. However, on area often overlooked but can also be one of the most important is the digital signage enclosure.

 Digital signage enclosures serve several purposes. Using the right type of enclosure simplifies a digital signage system, saves money, makes it more efficient and helps garner additional branding opportunities.

Eye-catching Digital Signage EnclosureDigital Signage Enclosure Aesthetics

The digital signage enclosure is what makes each screen network visually unique. As the enclosed LCD screen is hidden away, the enclosure provides the general aesthetic. This means that the digital signage enclosure is important for the overall visual appeal of a system. A bulky, industrial-looking unit will not be very attractive and unsuitable for branding and advertising for items such as consumer products and retail environments.

The enclosure can also work at promoting branding as effective as the screen itself. Many floor-standing digital signage systems are all too often bland kiosks, with all the branding and promotion done by the screen. Yet, the kiosk can also have branding messages on them, maximising the effectiveness of the unit. While somebody may not stop and digest the content displayed on the screen, with a branded kiosk, the branding information is seen regardless of whether a person had viewed the screen’s content or not.

The right style of enclosure can also make a big difference in the type of digital signage system and the positioning and angle of the screen. By choosing either a wall mounted enclosure or a floor-standing totem, the display takes on a completely different aesthetic to each other and has different appeals when it comes to how people view it.

Digital Signage Enclosure Protection

Whether indoors or out, the digital signage enclosure serves the practical purpose of protecting the enclosed screen. All LCD screens in public areas need some form of protection, even those indoors, as screens, particularly the screen face, is vulnerable to damage. For simpler systems, the digital signage enclosure also provides protection for the media player and prevents tampering and vandalism.

For outdoor digital signage, the enclosure can provide all protection needed to defend from the elements too. Often, outdoor digital signage systems are waterproof screens housed in protective enclosure. However, by utilising an outdoor digital signage enclosure that encompasses both protection and weather protection, this can vastly reduce costs.

Outdoor digital signage enclosures that provide waterproofing and internal temperature systems enable a standard screen to operate in outdoor environments. This also adds simplicity and longevity. As these outdoor enclosures last for years, several generations of screens can all be housed in the same enclosure, providing cost savings for years to come.

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