The Use of Digital Signage in Education

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With digital signage being so popular in the commercial world as a way of advertising, brand promotion and information, its growing use in other sectors was to be expected.

However, no other sector has embraced the usefulness of digital signage to such a degree as schools, colleges and universities. Educational institutes across the globe are using digital displays to transmit important information to students and staff.

One of the reasons for this uptake in digital signage in education is the flexibility of updating and changing the messages that are displayed. Before digital displays were used, notice boards were the only option for a school, college of university to relay such important information.

Now with digital signage, messages can be uploaded centrally and displayed on digital notice-boards across the campus, no matter how spread out the campus is.

Digital signage has also been useful for sports halls where the traditional chalk scoreboard has been replaced by a more dynamic method of reporting team scores and outside the gates to the school or college provides another location where digital signage has been found to be useful.

High school implementing digital signage

High school implementing digital signage

Informing the local community, parents and potential students what is happening with the walls of an educational establishment, is now a lot easier thanks tot eh use of outdoor digital signage.

Many schools and colleges now have an outdoor LCD display or other outdoor digital signage device at the front of the building to relay information about up coming events.

This sort of information used ot have to be delivered by letters brought home from students or a regular newsletter, now, thanks to outdoor digital signage this time of information is easily relayed to parents.

Outdoor signage systems like these do have to be protected though, which is why many education establishments use outdoor LCD enclosures to house their exterior digital signage. Not only do these protective LCD enclosures guard against the weather but they also provide a good defence against impacts – ideal for use in schools and colleges where there is a risk of accidental or deliberate damage.

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