The Vulnerability of Outdoor Digital Signage – anti-vandal techniques

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Outdoor digital signage is perhaps the fastest growing sector of the digital advertising market with screens being erected in many outdoor locations from the high street to roadside digital billboards.

Many advertiser and retailers are seeing the benefits of outdoor digital signage; realising that audience figures for outdoor locations are potentially a lot higher than for indoor screens.

There are of course challenges with outdoor digital signage such as protecting the screens from the weather and temperature but there other hazards for outdoor screens that, if overlooked, could result in additional costs, affecting any return on investment that you were hoping for.

The problem with most outdoor digital signage screens is that they are often left unsupervised in unmanned areas and therefore can become tempting targets for vandals and even thieves.

Any attack that disables a digital sign will result in either the unit needing repair or replacement which not only increases you investment but also while the screen is down there are no advertisements running and hence any return on investment will never be forthcoming.

While ensuring outdoor digital signage screens are repaired as quickly as possible is important, prevention of damage and screen outage in the first place is surely more desirable.

There are multiple ways of defending an outdoor digital signage screen from attacks by vandals:

Protective Steel LCD enclosures – a simple solution to give general all round protection for the screen. Most outdoor digital signage enclosures are manufactured from steel to ensure ruggedness.

Outdoor digital signage is dynamic and engaging

Toughened Anti-shatter Glass – commonly used in many outdoor digital signage displays., the glass screen is perhaps the most vulnerable aspect of an LCD TV display so providing an additional shatterproof screen in front is one method of ensuring the screen will not get damaged.

Other anti-vandal measures – one unique solution taken by some outdoor digital signage providers it provide a monitoring camera inside the actually LCD enclosure.

This is activated under shock recording the faces of the attackers and deterring them, although the only downside to this unique approach is that the screen could be damaged in the initial attack before the vandals realise they are being filmed (although a warning sticker can give advance warning – it possibly won’t get read).

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