Three Reasons to try Outdoor Digital Signage

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Digital signage is now a common sight in indoor locations such as shopping malls, transport hubs and retail stores, but more and more advertisers are taking these advertising screens and placing them outdoors in a bid to generate even more notice for their brand or promotions.

Outdoor digital signage is a natural progression in the digital out of home industry and there are several good reasons for taking a screen outdoors:

  • Audience – the number of people that view an outdoor screen is many times that for a similar indoor advertisement. The potential audience outdoors is always higher as you can attract not just those walking past a store, but also those walking in and even commuters in buses, taxis and cars. The higher potential audiences for outdoor digital signage are perhaps the main reasons so many advertisers are looking to outdoor locations.

An outdoor screen will be viewed by far greater numbers (picture

  • Less competition – as already mentioned, indoor screens are now extremely common but their ubiquity also leads them to be less successful than when they were first implemented several years ago. Back then, there were fewer screens used in advertising so when you came across one it really stood out. Now, with the amount of screens in indoor locations getting noticed is becoming increasingly difficult; however, outdoors where there are less screens, it is easier to get noticed and get your message across.
  • Advertise to non-customers – the problem with most digital advertising screens inside retail stores and other locations is that the content is often preaching to the converted.  While it is possible to steer customers to promotional items and product lines they may not have intended to purchase, they are still customers of the store with limited buying power; however, by implementing outdoor digital signage you can influence people to come into the store that may not have normally done so – increasing the customer base and upping revenue.

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