Three Uses for Outdoor TV

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Outdoor TV enclosures are a popular form of protecting outdoor LCD TVs and plasmas. Keeping the dry, preventing intrusion and ensuring the TVs are running at the optimum temperature and conditions inside, LCD enclosures provide a comprehensive form of outdoor protection.

There are several reasons for using a Outdoor TV screen and here are some of the most popular:

Outdoor Entertainment

Many bars and pubs provide television entertainment for customers, particularly sporting events, which help draw in crowds who wish to drink and socialise when the big game is on. Drinking and socialising outdoors has become increasingly common in bars and pubs, especially since the smoking bans.

Offering TV entertainment outdoors is becoming increasingly popular for the drinks trade as it encourages customers to come and watch sporting events knowing they can drink, smoke and socialise outdoors.

Outdoor Digital Signage

Also becoming common is the use of outdoor digital signage. Used for branding, advertising and promotion, outdoor digital signs have far more advantages over static signage. Not only is a digital signage display more engaging than static signage; content, can be uploaded remotely and almost instantly, preventing the need for manual replacement, and with the ability to play full motion images it can attract far more notice than traditional print media.

While indoor digital signage is very common, visible in shopping malls, airports and retail stores, there is less outdoor digital signage about due to higher costs and the need for protection; however, with higher audience figures, taking digital signage outdoors can be a real boon. LCD enclosures provide a cost-effective method of protecting outdoor digital signage from the elements.

Information Screens

Another common use for outdoor screens is the provision of information. Common in transport hubs where timetables and news of delays and cancelations can be relayed instantly to customers.

Other industries are using are now using screens outdoors too. Digital menu boards, small TV screens in LCD enclosures, provide restaurants and bars a more engaging way of providing menu information, allowing images and full motion scenes of inside the establishment.

LCD Enclosures

LCD enclosures are a flexible and comprehensive form of outdoor screen protection. Able to house standard devices and media players, keeping them secure and protected, an LCD enclosure is an ideal for outdoor TVs, information screens and outdoor digital signage.

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