Top Tips to Create a Successful Digital Signage Campaign

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Digital signage is still a growing industry and is often misunderstood by many businesses and consequently many digital signage campaigns don’t prove as successful as expected. There is no right or wrong way to conduct a digital signage campaign but there are key points that should be remembered whenever planning a new digital advertising scheme.

Understand the audience – perhaps the fundamental aspect of any digital advertising campaign that gets overlooked is the viewer. Audiences can change throughout the day and content that is say relevant for a shopper may not be relevant for a commuter. It’s worth monitoring the potential audience before any signage is installed that way you can have a good idea of the type of audience you can expect.

  1. Location – location can be highly important too. Sometimes digital signage companies erect systems in walkways only for nobody to pay it any attention at all because the system is in too tucked away or not prominent enough. Another aspect to consider in location is the type of environment the signage is placed in. Any outdoor digital signage needs to be protected from the elements such as being housed in a protective LCD enclosure.
  2. Relevant content – once you have discovered who your audience are then tailor adverts specifically for them. The dynamic nature of digital signage means that you can alter your marketing strategy at different times of the day to suit what is more relevant for the audience.
  3. Quality of image – In a world of high definition and widescreen people now expect clarity and good screen resolution when they look at TV screens. A bad image with pixilation or poor color settings will put audiences off.
  4. Keep the viewer interested  – content is key to all signage campaigns but we live in a very media savvy world. Still images and text just doesn’t cut the mustard anymore so make sure content is lively, fresh, interesting, entertaining and most importantly relevant.

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