Transportation’s Love of Outdoor Digital Signage

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Outdoor digital signage makes up only a small percentage of all the digital screens used for advertising and information around today. Less than 5% of all LCD installs in Europe and the USA are outside – however, there are plenty of reasons for that.
Outdoor digital advertising and signage is a far more complicated process than placing a screen indoors. Nearly any type of LCD device can be used as a signage display in an indoor area. However, take it outside in the wind, rain, snow, sleet or hail – and it will soon fail.

Outdoor Digital Signage is increasingly becoming common in the transport industry

But there are real added benefits to outdoor digital signage in comparison with indoor screens and there is one industry that is really reaping the rewards from their outdoor digital signs.

The transportation industry; railways, buses, coaches, taxis and airports, has been an eager consumer of indoor digital signage ever since the technology was first developed.

There have been two primary reasons for this:

• Transportation customers at railway stations, airports etc are often in need of information and digital screens allow an easy method of updating timetable and travel information.

• Commuters and travellers are a potential captive audience in that they have to wait for their bus, train or plane and are therefore prime fodder for advertisements.

Outdoor digital signage has just been an extension of this. Now, railways stations contain digital signage inside – providing information and adverts – but also outside too with screens erected on platforms.

Similar types of outdoor digital screens have been erected in outside locations in other transport hubs such as bus stations, for the same reason.
And even taxi ranks where people are forced to wait in line are a great opportunity for advertisers.

The transportation sector is leading the way in outdoor digital signage but other industries are sure to realise the potential of this flexible and low cost mass advertising medium soon.

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