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We are now very used to seeing modern flat screen TVs out of the home, used as information screens in transport hubs and as digital signage in shopping malls and other locations. Because of the demands of these locations the LCD screens need to be rugged and well-protected.

Other locations that require protection for LCD screens are the many institutions that install TVs, either for group entertainment, or for signage and information.


TVs are important for prisons as they make up the majority of the entertainment for the prisoners who, without access to television, could get bored leading to problems of dissent in the prison.

Televisions are often installed in group areas to allow prisoners to socialize and be entertained. And while the locations these TVs are often installed in are not harsh environments, the LCD TVs still need protecting.

Not only can prisons be raucous environments where incidents can lead to equipment like LCDs being damaged, the LCD itself can cause problems if it can be pulled from the wall and used as a weapon or used as a facility to fasten ligatures with the intention of self-harming.

For this reason, LCD enclosures are used in many prisons as they protect the screen from damage and impact but equally prevent the screen from being either used as a weapon or a means of committing self-harm.


Hospitals too have a similar need, especially psychiatric units and clinics that deal with vulnerable adults where the possibility of self-harm is real.

Often LCD enclosures are used in these locations too to reduce the risk of suicide and prevent anyone injuring themselves on the television.


Another location where LCDs require protection is in schools and colleges. LCD displays are widely used in these locations for providing information but as young people can often be very raucous nearly all schools and colleges feel the need to physically protect the screens, even the indoor ones.


And it is not just people that enjoy watching television. Monkeys and apes are commonly entertained in captivity by watching TV, but these too need protecting from impacts, and LCD enclosure have been installed in several ape and monkey houses as ac cost effective means of protection.

An Armagard LCD Enlcosure beng installed in an ape house

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