Using Screens in Food Outlets

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The food service sector has embraced digital signage like no other. Screens are used in various forms of promotion of food products both indoors and out.

Many fast food restaurants now display food items  on digital screens, which provide bright, vivid and appealing platforms to show menu items, often showing meals in video as well as still photographs. This has an extra appeal to customers when they see meal plates steaming, or cool drinks with condensation dripping down the sides of a glass, making the menu items more appealing than still images.

Digital menu boards have other advantages too. In an industry where consumer choice changes throughout the day, with breakfast, lunch and dinner menus varying, digital signage offers the ability to schedule different menu items at different times.

For fast food outlets with a drive-through, outdoor digital signage provides the same appeal to vehicle traffic queuing in the drive-thru lane. Also, as outdoor digital signage is bright and vibrant, it provides an ideal platform for promotion during the evening, a time when the drive through gets busy. By showing a clear menu of what’s on offer, this can reduce waiting times too, as less time is spent perusing the menu, keeping the flow of cars moving through the drive-thru lane.

For other food outlets, outdoor digital signage also provides a good form of promotion. By providing a form of outdoor screen, a food outlet is able to draw attention from the passing crowd far better than static signs. Again, scheduled content can coincide with the types of menu items offered throughout the day, and displayed in a modern and appealing manner.

Outdoor digital signage totems are an ideal solution for this and are already being used by several food outlets as a form of attracting passing trade. Designed to withstand the elements, and bale to be securely bolted to the ground they provide an aesthetically pleasing and secure method of providing outdoor menu content.

Outdoor digital signage is ideal for food outlet promoton


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