Various Uses of Outdoor Screens

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LCD TVs have allowed many of us to have large flat screen devices at home for a fraction of the price of a similar sized cathode ray tube (CRT). But the home is no the only environment that flat panel TVs like LCD screens are being implemented in.

From digital signage displays in retail stores to screens in waiting rooms and doctor’s surgeries, LCDs have found a multitude of out of home uses; it is not just indoor locations either, with screens becoming increasingly common in outdoor locations too.

Outdoor screen use is becoming more and more common due to the falling cost of both LCD TV screens and the protective LCD enclosures that are used to allow them to operate in outdoor locations. But what exactly are these outdoor screens used for and what advantages they offer over other methods of displaying information?

Outdoor digital signage is the overall term used for outdoor screen use but it includes much more than just signs. Outdoor digital advertising is one of the main users of outdoor screens. Due to the eye-catching nature of digital displays compared with static images, adverts on an outdoor digital screen are far more noticeable and with content that can be scheduled and uploaded remotely, without the need for a technician to visit the site, it provides great advantages to advertisers.

Outdoor information screens are becoming commonplace too. Bus stops, railway platforms and even taxi ranks are having screens fitted. These can provide valuable information to customers such as timetabling or delays whilst also doubling as a promotional/third party advertising screen. Outdoor TVs are becoming increasingly popular in back yards, patios, decking and pub beer gardens, too. LCD enclosures are commonly used for these applications too as they not only ensure the outdoor TV is protected from the elements but also they provide a good level of security which will prevent theft and vandalism.

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