Versatile Digital Signage with LCD Enclosures

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The advantages of using LCD enclosures are many fold but their flexibility and versatility are what really makes them a preferred solution for so many digital signage applications.

LCD enclosures are designed with this flexibility in mind too. Many LCD or plasma enclosures are built using food grade stainless steel so they can be used in wash down environments. Often the NEMA 4 (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) rating or the European equivalent IP 65 rating are commonly given to these enclosures to demonstrate their waterproofing ability.

However, water is only one of the common elements that LCD and plasma screens need to be protected against to prevent failure. Other common elements in outdoor digital signage applications or industrial use can also disable these modern display devices.

Dust in particular is a common problem in some factory locations. Just as water can permeate an LCD display so can dust and it has the potential to cause overheating and short circuiting both of which can permanently disable a modern LCD or plasma TV.

LCD and plasma enclosures are often equipped with climatic systems too that ensure the perfect operating temperature inside the enclosure despite the ambient temperatures. This makes LCD enclosures incredibly flexible especially for outdoor digital signage use where they can not only deal with rain and snow they can also cope with the extreme low temperatures of winter and the heat of the summer.

LCD enclosures are the most flexible solution for digital signage in hostile or outdoor locations. Whether you need LCD displays operating in factories, heavy industry, food production or outdoor use, LCD enclosures are by far the most flexible solution.

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