Versatility of Digital Signage

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Since the rise of digital signage, the industry has grown dramatically. Globally digital signage is worth about $5 billion annually, with the United States accounting for a third of this revenue. Currently, an estimated 2 million screens are in use in the United States, and this figure is expected to grow to 7 million over the next five years.

The prevalence and growth of digital signage is down to several factors: the falling cost of LCD screens and the versatility of the medium being two of the most prominent.

Digital Signage Cost

The price of LCD screens has continuously dropped since their development in the late 1990’s. LCD screens are now far cheaper than their CRT predecessors had ever been and one of the reasons more and more digital signage is being installed.

Other hardware is falling in price too. Media players used to cost hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars but now competent devices are available at tens of dollars.

Outdoor digital signage is also no longer the expensive investment it once was. Originally, if you wanted to place a screen outdoors a waterproof outdoor screen would have been needed.  Now, outdoor LCD enclosures enable almost any type of screen to be used outside.


LCD Enclosures make outdoor digital signage cheaper


The versatility of digital signage is another reason why so many screens are now used out of the home. Not only are digital signage displays selling to us in shopping malls, airports and along the high street, but screens are communicating information in transport hubs, businesses and even in local churches.

Because display screens enable instant uploading of information, changing content is immediate so not only can promotions and adverts be changed remotely, saving the need for technicians to travel around and replace content, but also for providing information, customers, workers and the community can be informed of the latest news instantly.


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