Weighing it up – Advantages Vs Disadvantages of Digital Signage

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With so many businesses investing in this modern advertising phenomenon it’s no wonder that more and more people are looking at digital signage as a means of increasing awareness of their products and business.

But there is some natural reticence amongst many people when they decide whether to take the plunge and invest in this new advertising medium. And there are several drawbacks to digital signage too, but do they outweigh the benefits?

Advantages of Digital Signage

There are many advantages of digital signage over traditional and alternative advertising methods. Here are just some of them:

The content on a digital signage screen can be manipulate or changed in real time allowing greater flexibility and the ability to schedule content for specific times of day. Screens can also be placed outside. Outdoor digital signage can generate a lot higher viewing figures.

Content can be designed specifically for different types of customer. It allows more direct marketing at your target audience (such as your existing customers) and can be used to manipulate your audience at point of sale and other areas.

Is cost effective compared to other forms of advertising enabling you to reach large audiences for a relatively small initial outlay.

Digital signage is far more engaging, eye-catching and modern than other advertising methods providing more appeal.


While less expensive than other forms of Advertising media there is still a high initial outlay in purchasing the screens. Accident, repair and upgrade can also add to this cost so protection with an LCD enclosure is vital to protect the return on investment.

Digital signage does require some expertise and basic IT skills, especially if you want to create your own content.


To ensure digital signage is the right choice for your business you need to determine a strategy and decide what the goals of the campaign are.

Ensure you have the manned resources to cope with the installation and content or get an experienced partner to do it for you.

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