What Goes into Protecting Outdoor Digital Signage … Part One

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As outdoor digital signage expands as a concept, more and more people are aware of the need to protect LCD screens in outdoor locations. Whilst waterproof outdoor TVs are an obvious choice for an outdoor campaign, commonly outdoor LCD enclosures are being implemented by more and more installed because of the cost savings.

Outdoor LCD enclosures protect, not just the device from impacts and vandalism but also ensure they are sealed in from the weather but there is more to protecting and LCD outside than just preventing water from getting in.

Air Circulation

To waterproof a screen or allow a TV to be taken outdoors you can’t simply seal the screen in a water tight enclosure as this will prevent air from circulating and the screen will overheat very quickly.

Here poses a problem, how do you allow air through whilst ensuring rainfall and other weather elements do not penetrate the enclosure and damage the LCD? The answer is in the clever use of air chambers which allow air to enter through the bottom of the enclosure, but are shaped to prevent any splashes of water from also working its way up.

More to an LCD enclosure than just weather protection

High Temperatures

Another aspect of an LCD enclosure is ensuring the correct temperature is always maintained inside at all times. High temperatures caused by high ambient temperatures, very powerful and bright TV screens, or even direct sunlight can cause overheating that can cause permanent failure of the screen.

In hot climates, or areas where the summer heat gets excessive, additional circulation fans may not always be a solution for preventing overheating. More complicated methods, such as air conditioning, which has to be used although this can add significant costs. A far more cost effective alternative – ideal for areas where extreme temperatures are only experienced sporadically and for brief periods – is to use a cut off switch that temporarily turns the device off in hot climates.

More to follow…

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