What Makes a Good Location for Digital Signage?

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Digital signage is becoming a standard weapon in many businesses’ advertising arsenal. It is cost effective, dynamic and a effective way of communicating your advertising and brand awareness campaigns.

But digital advertising is only as effective as the audience that sees the message and ensuring the maximum number of people will see your DS campaign is crucial if you want to get a the best possible return on your investment.

Ensuring the audience numbers are as high as possible is dependent on two things:

• Your content is engaging
• The correct location for the digital sign

Choosing the best location for digital signage

When it comes to generating as large an audience as possible for your digital advertising campaign, choosing the right location can make the difference between a successful campaign that drives revenue and customers through the door and a campaign where the return on investment is not made.

In choosing a location there are three things to remember:

• Where the audience is coming and going to/from
• Where the potential audience will be looking
• What else will distract the audience from noticing your digital sign

Commuter runs are a great place for digital advertising as the number of people passing the signs will be very large. Often this means that an outdoor digital signage solution will be the way forward as the there is always a potentially larger audience outside than indoors.

Location is crucial for Digital Signage

Often, installers of digital signage make the mistake of not positing their screens in a prominent enough position. Remember commuters and passersby are not actively looking for information so any screen should be at eye-level and literally be unavoidable

Often digital screens can become unnoticeable if there are other screens around or other distractions. One of the best locations for digital signage is in an place where the audience is captive – such as waiting rooms or standing in line at a point of sale queue.

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