What Type of Digital Signage? Choosing the correct unit for your needs

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With digital signage being such a new industry it can often be quite difficult for new businesses interested wanting to implement it as part of their marketing campaign to decide which type of DS systems is suitable for them.

When it comes to planning a digital signage campaign you need to address where the digital signage is to be located and whether it will be mounted on the ceiling, wall or free standing.

Indoor digital signage

Indoor locations make up by far the majority of digital signage screens that are in current use. Indoor locations require little in the way of additional protection for the LCD screen, although the display should withstand accidental impacts.

Floor Standing Digital Signage

Indoor displays can be simple systems such as digital posters. These are just LCD screens erected flat against a wall (like a poster) and can be positioned in both portrait and landscape orientation. Digital posters are simple to install, cost effective and as they are positioned flush against a wall, they take up very little space.

For a more prominent digital signage campaign, a free standing digital advertising display should be considered. These floor standing digital signage units, while they take up a fair amount of space they provide a very prominent screen that is more noticeable than a wall or ceiling mounted display.

Ceiling mounted displays are an option for some installs although for advertising purposes the ceiling is not the best place to run the campaign. It is quite easy for a ceiling mounted digital signage screen to be missed by a busy commuter.

However, for information, where people will be looking for the data on the screen, they are ideal and have been used for decades by railways and airports.

Outdoor Digital Signage

Outdoor display screens can be cited in the same sorts of positions as their indoor counter-parts, however, whether the outdoor digital signage is mounted on the wall, ceiling or is free standing it will need adequate protection from the weather, temperature and vandalism.

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