What Type of TV for a Digital Signage Campaign

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Digital signage or out of home advertising is growing. Every day, more and more companies are implementing TV screens as a part of their marketing campaign relaying advertising, information and messages.

Why the reasons for digital signage are clear: increased awareness, loc cost advertising, brand awareness etc. Selecting the equipment to display your digital signage campaign on can be daunting especially with the regular changes in the types of technology that can be used.

LCD or plasma

There used to be quite a difference in the two types of TV system. Plasmas often had better image quality but were susceptible to image burn whilst LCD would last longer but have less clear images. However, all that has changed now and there really is little difference in quality and durability of LCD or plasma screens.

HD or Standard

HD – or High definition, is the latest technology advancement of the home TV. Currently LCD and plasma TVs can be bought with or without HD technology. However, it is most likely that HD technology will soon be standard in most TV systems and buying a TV without HD capability will soon become a thing of the past

Outdoor TV

For any outdoor digital signage campaign a waterproof TV systems is essential as standards TV devices cannot operate in wet or outdoor locations. However, rather than paying the prohibitive costs of an outdoor TV – many of which exceed $10,000 – a far more cost effective solution is to use standard LCD or plasma devices and house them in an outdoor TV enclosure.

Outdoor plasma and outdoor LCD enclosures protect standard or commercial TV systems, including plasma, LCD and HD and non-HD ready formats in almost any environment ensuring the TV enclosed in the outdoor TV enclosure is protected from the elements.

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