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For a brand new industry the number of innovations and innovative methods of displaying digital signage has increased dramatically over the last 12 months. A decade ago, when digital flat-screen TVs first made their way outside the home for the purposes of advertising, they were seen in only a few locations.

Point of sale queues, doctor’s surgery’s, pharmacies and shopping malls were the main locations that digital signage first started to spring up in. But now, a few years later the number of places that digital signage is popping up is increasing exponentially.

And one location in particular has seen a rapid growth in digital signage being implemented across the globe. Outdoor digital signage has seen a dramatic rise and is perhaps down to the reason that an outdoor system, no matter where it is located will receive a higher potential audience than any indoor system.

And outdoor digital signage has not been restricted to just TV systems erected on external walls of premises either, the locations of digital outdoor systems have been original and inventive.

And while not all these systems have been successful or been able to categorically prove a return on investment, the try and see attitude has seen some unusual locations proving extremely successful.

Outdoor digital signage has been implemented in some real strange locations but many of them have become so successful entire trends develop.

Taxi-top digital signage is one example. Replacing the traditional ‘For Hire’ sign on taxis and cabs with a dual sided digital signage system has proved really successful in many cities with whole fleets of taxis having them implemented.

Whilst their success is limited when they are travelling round, it becomes a successful method of advertising when the cars are waiting in taxi and cab ranks.

Some outside locations take advantage of captive audiences. Gas station digital signage is one such method. When people are filling their cars up they have little alternative but to stand there until the tank is full. This then becomes an ideal situation for utilising digital signage as the audience is captive.


Outdoor digital signage has proved a successful method of using LCD and plasma screens for advertising purposes. However, any digital signage system or TV screen placed in an outdoor location will need protecting which is why many companies now produce outdoor LCD enclosures for the purposes of outdoor digital signage protection.

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