Where is the right Location for a digital sign?

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There are many important decisions involved before you can embark on a digital signage campaign: the type of screen to use, the content that is to be played, the type of housing or LCD enclosure used to protect the screen.

However, there is also one other decision that can make or break a digital signage campaign – making all the difference from a successful campaign with a clear return on investment – the location.

The right location for a digital sign can make all the difference. Even if you have the most sophisticated screen, great content and a promotion that people will be interested in – it can come to naught if the digital signage screen is placed in the wrong location.

There are three aspects to choosing the right location for the screen: The locale, the angle and the height.

Angle is very important – Picture courtesy of Bill Gerba's Blog at Wirespring


Finding the right spot for your digital screen is highly important. You need somewhere with the highest level of footfall (passers-by) as possible. Outdoor digital signage will receive a higher audience than any indoor system. There is also less competition in outdoor locations, although it can often be more difficult to attract people’s attention outdoors.

For indoor systems you need to choose an area that has the most foot-fall possible as the greater the audience the more effective the sign will be.


When it comes to installing a digital signage screen there are really three choices for the height to the screen. It can be ceiling mounted – hung from below the ceiling. This method is often used for information screens although it is not ideal for advertising screens as it is all too easy to miss ceiling mounted signs.

Wall mounted is perhaps a better solution as you can ensure the height is at eye-level making it harder to miss.

A floor standing digital signage screen is the most prominent method for digital advertising. These types of digital signage enclosures are the hardest to ignore but they do take up the most amount of space


Viewing angle is also highly important to ensure the sign gets the maximum amount of visibility. There are two aspects to think of. The angle of the screen and the angle that a viewer will look at need to be matched so the screen is unmissable if a passerby walks past.

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