Where to Mount Digital Signage

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Choosing the best location and position for digital signage is one of the challenges facing most installs. In the early days of the technology, digital signage was often mounted from ceilings or in corners but it was soon discovered that unless the signage is at eye-level and directly facing its intended audience, it can often get ignored.When choosing where to mount your digital signage you should always select an area because of the potential audience not because it may look the best spot or is out of the way – Digital signage is not something that should be hidden away it has to be bold and noticeable.

In choosing a location, the best place for digital signage is when you have a captive audience. Captive audiences such as those in point of sale queues are those that have little choice but to consume the content and are therefore more susceptible to whatever marketing message you want to get across.

Outdoors is also another great location for digital screens as the potential audience for outdoor digital signage is usually far greater than an indoor system but the challenge here is in mounting the digital signage to be as visible as possible.

Ceilings are not ideal for mounting of digital signage because people are unused at having to look up. However, you can get away with ceiling mounted digital signage if the screen is tilted downward and it is as close to eye level as possible.

Wall mounted digital signage is perhaps a better solution but the problem here is that walls are always off the side of walkways and it means the digital signage may not get noticed as people have a blinkered approach when they are travelling through town centres.

However, if digital signage is erected on a wall that faces an entrance it can be more easily noticeable. The screen too should be tilted to provide the best viewing angle for readability.

Floor mounted digital signage is often the best solution for readability but it can cause a obstruction in busy walk ways but with the screen at eye-level and mounted in the middle of a walkway – the digital screen certainly won’t be ignored.

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