Why Digital Signage is Essential for Colleges

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As technology advances and we all struggle to keep up with the latest methods of communication, one group of people are always several steps ahead – the young. Modern students are perhaps the most media savvy people in the world having spent their entire lives surrounded by the up and coming technologies.

Trying to communicate successfully to young people can therefore be a challenge as traditional and tired methods of advertising such as the poster or static sign are not going to grab the attention of the internet and mobile phone generation.

Digital signage on the other hand, is far more engaging to the young mind and is able to communicate more successfully to students, which is why it is being deployed in many colleges, schools and universities.

But its usefulness at engaging students is not the only reason why digital posters, LCD screens and even outdoor digital signage is being deployed.

Emergency and Immediacy

Despite the myriad of communication methods available to modern academic institutions when it comes to immediate or emergency information many of these methods – mobile phones, email and traditional notice-boards – are ineffective.

Digital signage allows information to be uploaded immediately and displayed on the entire school network instantly. So any students passing the screen or just arriving can be kept informed; indeed; one of the recent criticisms of a college after a recent campus shooting in America was that it failed to inform students arriving in campus there was an incident but digital signage cold have done so.

Digital signage in a school


Another great advantage of using digital screens around colleges is their flexibility. One minute you can display important information the next you can use the displays to upload educational content, or use them as a scoreboard during a sporting event.

As content can be uploaded remotely and spread around the network it can be used to play scheduled and timed information so somebody doesn’t have to trudge around the campus posting up notices.

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