Why Digital Signage Protection is Vital

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One of the biggest headaches with digital signage and using screens out of home is the often unforeseen costs or repair, maintenance and replacement. And in an industry where working out a return on investment is difficult enough, this sort of added cost can really affect a marketing budget.

Whilst eliminating these hidden costs is perhaps not possible, these additional expenses can certainly be minimized.

LCD Enclosures

Commonly used in outdoor digital signage, LCD enclosures are protective cabinets for TV screens that not only protect the device from impact and weather, but a good enclosure will also contain environmental controls to ensure the device is operating in the optimum conditions.

And whilst most screens used for digital signage are placed indoors, this doesn’t mean that protection is not necessary.

While most out of home areas where digital signage is implemented may not have to endure the weather, many shopping malls, stores, concourse and other locations are not the optimum conditions for TV devices.

Not only can the temperature of these types of areas be lower of higher than the average room temperature where these devices are designed to run in, but also there are other elements, even in these indoor areas that can shorten an LCD life.

LCD Enclosure

Dust is a common cause of overheating of an LCD screen – it can also penetrate inside the device and can cause short circuits. And many indoor areas where digital signage is placed are often far dustier than a home or office environment. Consequently a lot of failed screens are the result of this lack of dust protection – leading to repair and replacement of screens.

Another major cause of maintenance, repair and replacement of screens is vandalism and accidental impacts. Many digital signage screens are in public areas and unsupervised locations which can lead to damage.

LCD enclosures will ensure dust is kept from the screen and that the optimum temperature range is never exceeded – these steel protective cabinets will also prevent vandalism and damage by accidental impact.

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