Why is the Entrance an Important area for Digital Signage Implementation

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Digital signage is employed in all sorts of locations around buildings. In shopping malls, screens are often seen around concourses and escalators, while in retail stores, they are dotted around the store and by point of sale locations. However, one of the most effective areas for digital signage, which installers often overlook, is at the entrance of a building or store.

 The entrance is often underused, but for a locating digital signage, it is a highly valuable spot for several reasons:

Armagard outdoor digital signage totemDigital Signage Reaches Customers

When people enter the store, they may or may not have an agenda. Some people will browse the entire store, while others will go to a specific location or product area. For this reason, not everybody will view the content on screens positioned in different locations around the store. While everybody that makes a purchase has to visit the point of sale location – a reason why stores commonly deploy digital signage screens in that area – not everybody makes a purchase.

By installing a screen at storefront or entrance, everybody that comes into the store will get to view it. This means that whatever promotions or information you want to get across you have the maximum number of eyes seeing the display possible.

Digital Signage Attracts Browsers

Another reason why an entrance is a good location for positioning digital signage is that it can attract those just passing by and browsing. Window shoppers may not enter a store and get to see the promotional displays, but by placing them in a store’s entrance there is the opportunity to entice them in with promotional content.

Make Digital Signage the First contact

A screen in a store’s entrance also provides that all-important first contact with the customer. During busy periods, sales staff may not be able to provide help to all customers inside the store, but a signage display providing useful and relevant information at the store’s entrance can help satisfy a customer’s need for information.

A screen in a store’s entrance will also help steer people directly to promotional items. With the right content, content displaying enticing offers is more likely to be effective before people have begun shopping, rather than a point of sale when the customer may have already spent their intended budget.

Effective Delivery

Research conducted at airports has discovered that screens positioned at arrival lounges are the most effective at generating promotional recall and are more effective at increasing sales. This first contact approach is also relevant for a retail environment. While there may be many sale items and promotional material inside a store, the content viewed when somebody first enters the store will become the most memorable.

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