Why Outdoor Digital Signage

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Using LCD screens outdoors has many challenges, such as protecting the screen from the weather, temperature and risk of vandalism, coping with bright sunlight to ensure the screen is readable, installation and networking. With so many hurdles, is outdoor digital signage worth it?

Well, despite the challenges, outdoor digital signage has many benefits and advantages over other medium and can bring rewards to advertisers, service providers and other business and institutions.

For advertisers

With the rise of digital TV, the internet and smart phone, and the decline in print media such as magazines and newspapers, advertising has become fragmented. Reaching out to a potential audience is no longer a simple matter and audiences for single mediums such as TV or newspapers are now smaller than they once were.

The audience potential of outdoor digital signage is huge. A sign placed in the right location can get thousands of views a day. Because outdoor digital signage is vibrant and eye-catching, it is more noticeable in comparison to static advertising. Outdoor digital signage also reaches more people than indoor digital signage> While similar mediums, outdoor digital signage receives far higher viewing figures than a sign placed in locations such as train stations, shopping malls and retail stores.

For Service Providers

From restaurants to libraries, schools and colleges to religious buildings, outdoor digital signage brings many benefits. Unlike static signage, you can schedule content on an outdoor digital sign, having different messages displayed during different times of the day or different days of the week.

For fast food restaurants, this enables the displaying of mealtime promotions such as breakfast and lunch during different times of the day. Public buildings can use outdoor digital signage to provide important information, and because of the medium’s ability to relay information immediately, outdoor digital signage is ideal for use in emergencies.

For Business

Communication is challenging in many businesses, especially in large expansive areas. Outdoor digital signage provides a simple, immediate and clear form of communication that employees, visitors and customers can see on arrival. Displaying corporate messages, branding information and critical operational information, outdoor digital signage is flexible and noticeable.

A digital signage screen placed outside a business also raises the profile, offering modern, sophisticated, 21st century image.

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