Why Use Screens – Digital Signage in Industry

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Digital out of home media (Dooh) has changed the face of high street and in-store advertising. Outdoor digital signage and indoor digital advertising are now commonplace in most major cities and towns.

But there are more uses for digital signage and using LCD screens outside the home than just digital signage and advertising.

Digital Signage in Industry

Industry too can gain real benefits from using LCD screens around factories, distribution hubs and production lines.

Many industrial businesses have a need for clear, concise and real-time information. Whether it is orders to be cleared, items to be despatched; or vital production line statistics – digital signage can play a key role in enhancing communications, reducing waste and increasing efficiency.

Protection is Critical

Obviously, using devices in dusty, damp, cold or hazardous areas like the factory floor is a long way from what LCD TV screens are designed to cope with. However, just as outdoor digital signage screens are protected from the weather, ruggedized LCD enclosures allow LCD screens to be used in almost any environment – from the factory floor to outside.

Just as outdoor digital signage is protected to European and US guidelines thanks to the NEMA and IP rating system (generally NEMA 4 and IP65 for outdoor use). These guidelines are also used for industrial areas and denote the ingress that they can protect against.

While rainfall is the primary concern for outdoor digital signage there are other hazardous elements in industrial areas. Water and liquids are a common occurrence in such locations but also things like dust, dirt, swarf and fumes. All these elements can get inside an LCD screen and cause overheating, short circuits or other failures.

Any LCD device operating in such conditions needs to be protected from these elements. Fortunately IP65 and NEMA 4 LCD enclosures can not only waterproof an enclosed LCD but also protect it from these other harmful elements too.

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