Why Your Business should be investing in Digital Signage

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Advertising is crucial for perhaps all businesses; attracting new customer, letting existing ones know of your latest developments and spreading your brand image is vital marketing for any company.

However, advertising has been going through some dramatic changes over the last few years and traditional methods of advertising are no longer as effective as they once were. TV, radio and print advertising have all seen huge losses in advertising revenue over recent years, partly because of the internet and partly because of the changing way we now watch, read and listen to the media.

Businesses and marketing managers have been desperately trying to fill this advertising black hole and digital signage has provided a cost effective method of increasing awareness and advertising.

Digital signage is in part familiar to consumers as it resembles television and this keeps it within people’s comfort zones unlike other forms of modern advertising such as internet advertising which has proved quite ineffectual.

However, digital signage is a more targeted form of advertising and as it is dynamic and can be altered depending on requirements it can target different types of people depending on say, the time of day.

Digital signage requires a passing audience, and one of the areas where the largest potential audience is available is outside. Outdoor digital signage is one of the fastest growing areas of the digital signage industry.

However, some outdoor digital signage systems can be exceptionally expensive – due to the high specifications of using this kind of electrical equipment outdoors – and some companies may find the price difficult to justify, especially when any return on investment of digital signage is hard to quantify (There is no way of know how many people see you advert as there is with say TV or radio advertising).

However, LCD enclosures provide a more cost effective solution for outdoor digital signage. They house conventional LCD equipment but safely allow its use in outdoor or hostile conditions.

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