Zombies on Road Point to Importance of Digital Signage Security

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In Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, last week, motorists were startled to come across roadside electronic signage that warned them of zombies ahead and to, “Be alert for Tanks.” The signs on Highway 160 were erected to warn motorists of night road works, but were commandeered by technology vandals who reprogrammed them.

While the incident is rather amusing and didn’t lead to any accidents on the road, it does stress a serious point with digital signage and a need for securing the system.

So far, it is unclear how the signs were reprogrammed with the contractor in charge suggesting the youths (presumably) must have broken into the digital signage enclosures and reprogrammed the screens, according to reports.

Ensuring nobody can get access into your digital signage display is important, especially with simple standalone units and digital posters where content can be uploaded via USB. Screen owners are responsible for all content so if somebody does come along and tamper with the display, leaving inappropriate or offensive content on their, then the screen owner could be liable.

Ensuring that any access to the media player is an essential aspect of display security, but for outdoor signs, physical protection is also essential.

Outdoor digital signage is often left unattended and unsupervised, and is vulnerable to not only tampering, but also physical attack and damage.

Smashed screens are costly to replace and as outdoor displays are often in unattended areas it can take days, weeks or months to notice. In all that time, the screen has been losing money with content not being played along with the hefty bill for repair or maintenance.

Outdoor LCD enclosures are good solutions for outdoor digital signage as they provide extremely rugged protection against vandalism. Not only will an LCD enclosure prevent either the screen and media player from being tampered with, the shatterproof face and steel body will defend from the most severe of impacts.

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