70” LCD Enclosure – When Size Matters

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Large screen Digital Signage is one of the most accessible forms of advertising available to modern businesses especially if LCD or plasma screens are placed outside where the audience that can see such digital advertising is larger.

Outdoor digital signage has proved beneficial to thousands of companies worldwide allowing them to expand their brand image, increase sales, draw attention to their business, influence customer behavior and advertising at low cost.

When it comes to outdoor digital signage there really are only two considerations:

  • The digital signage system is protected from the elements.
  • It is as visible as possible to take maximum advantage of the passing audience.

LCD enclosures are the perfect solution for any digital outdoor signage campaign. These LCD monitor enclosures are the most cost effective way of using LCD and plasma screens in outdoor locations and keeping them protected.
Standard LCD screens are kept dry and humidity free by the enclosure which also contain climatic controls such as heating and cooling systems. They can also be left unmanned with complete peace of mind as they are manufactured from solid steel and often come with shatterproof screens and anti-theft locks.

What-is-more, LCD TV enclosures come in a wide variety of sizes which can be crucial for ensuring you can get your message across. When it comes to outdoor digital signage – size really does matter. In any outdoor location a larger screen will be far more noticeable than smaller sizes.

Fortunately LCD Enclosures are manufactured to 70” + sizes. These giant 70″ LCD enclosures are the perfect solution for ensuring any outdoor digital signage campaign is easily seen by as many people possible and as these TV enclosure house standard TVs it means the giant 70” LCD inside can be bought at a reasonable cost compared to a specialised outdoor TV.

But if there is not enough room for something as large as a 70” LCD digital signage screen, then LCD enclosures are manufactured in a vast range of sizes from compact 20” to more common 36”, 42” and 46”.

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