Cost Effective Outdoor and Digital Signage Systems for Schools

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Modern media is incredibly important for educational institutions. Ensuring that pupils and students stay abreast of the latest technological developments is as essential these days as teaching the three R’s.

Whilst computers and information technology are now part and parcel of the classroom, the implantation of Digital Signage Systems for Schools is also becoming commonplace.

Whether it’s to keep the pupils entertained during a rained out games lesson or as valuable teaching aids, there is no denying the value of TV systems throughout schools and colleges. Institutions like schools and colleges, however, are not suitable environments for using electronic equipment such as LCD TV’s. Busy corridors and excitable behavior can easily lead to damage so even in indoor locations adequate protection is required to ensure the continued working of the LCD or plasma.

And if the LCD TV is to be used outdoors then it needs to be waterproof and if it is to be used in areas such as the wood-shop then it will certainly need protection against the swarf, dust and airborne particles.

An LCD enclosure is an ideal solution for using LCDs in less than favorable environments such as schools and colleges. An LCD enclosure is by far cheaper than an industrial LCD or waterproof LCD TV system. They house conventional off-the-shelf LCD TV’s (or plasmas) but act as a protective environment shielding the LCD from impacts but also protecting from airborne particles such as dust and are waterproof too.

LCD enclosures are deal for schools as they let conventional TV equipment that is possible already in use be used in outdoor or hazardous locations making it possible to use LCD TVs as part of the pupils education – anywhere.

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