Digital Signage and Captive Audience Networks

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Ensuring your message is viewed by a large number of people is one way companies try to use digital signage screens for advertising. This is one reason why so many more outdoor digital signage systems are being erected because of the larger potential audience.

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A captive audience will more likely view a digital sign

However, just because vast crowds have passed your outdoor digital advertising screen, that doesn’t necessarily, mean vast crowds will view it. Getting people to actually look at your sign requires more than just a good position or even attractive content.

With such a surge in the amount of digital advertising, outdoor digital signage and other electronic advertising providing something that is new or eye-catching can be difficult.

Captive Audience

However, there is another approach. Rather than position a screen where it will get the most views, you can position it somewhere where the audience has little choice but to view it. This is known as a captive audience.

Captive audiences are found in all sorts of locations. Store queues, transportation hubs, waiting rooms, doctors surgeries, buses, trains, taxis, gas stations – the list is almost endless.

While many of these locations will not have the same audience numbers that say a digital screen installed in a shopping mall or in a digital signage enclosure on a high street. The audience will at least be almost guaranteed to see the message.

Taking advantage of a captive audience

It is a good idea for the content and types of products or services advertised to a captive audience to have a connection with the location.

The relevance will mean that the audience is more likely to respond to any call to action. For instance, at a gas station, car related products such as insurance, local mechanics or lubricants are often advertised while medical products are advertised at a doctor’s surgery.

A captive audience can even be installed in an outdoor location. Railway platforms, taxi-rank lines, and queues at theme parks are all in a good position for an outdoor digital signage campaign to target a captive audience.

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