Digital Signage on a Grand Scale

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Digital signage comes in all shapes and sizes but due to the advances in the technology over recent years, giant digital signage boards are now springing up all over the place, particular in outdoor locations as roadside digital billboards or other outdoor digital signage.

Why size matters

When it comes to getting your message across size really does matter especially as so many more digital signage systems are springing up all over the place, making getting noticed even more difficult.

Uses of increasingly larger screens for outdoor digital signage means that nearly every week a new install is claiming to be the world’s largest. And even standard commercial screens housed in outdoor LCD enclosures are now commonly found as large as 70”

LCD enclosures are now available as large as 70″

However, for the true monoltithic digital signage systems you have to look to the world of sports where large screens have been commonplace for many years. However, traditional just low quality pixelated LED screens are now being replaced by equally large LCD screens – and even High Definition LCDs.

Examples of large digital signage screens

Perhaps the largest digital signage screen currently in the world is at the Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City. Strictly speaking its not a single screen but the entire building has had LED lights built into all four exterior walls. But at 500 feet high it is certainly impressive.

Kansai International Airport in Japan has a rather smaller screen at just 4 x 3metres but it is curved making it the world’s largest curved plasma display.
However for a true giant digital signage screen you have to look to the Dallas cowboys who have a four-sided video display above their NFL pitch. Each screen is 22 metres high and nearly 50 metres wide – truly awesome.

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