Digital Signage Screens in Europe

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Outside of the USA, Western Europe is the next largest digital signage market. The UK is by far the largest of the markets in Europe but countries like Germany and France are catching up fast and more and more installs, including outdoor digital signage are springing up almost daily.

But who are using these outdoor screens and for what reason?

Uses of Digital Signage Screens in Europe

Advertising is perhaps the number one reason for growth in digital signage screens across Europe. It is so much more engaging and eye-catching than standard print media that digital advertising has become a far better medium at getting an advertiser’s message across.

But digital signage doesn’t just stop at advertising. Beyond advertising, screens are being used for all sorts of purposes across Europe: public information, sales promotion, brand awareness and corporate TV (often placed in gyms and other places providing infomercials) are just some of the other uses for digital signage.

European Digital Signage Sectors

As in the USA market, there are clear industry sectors that are dominating the digital signage industry. By far the lead user of signage screens is retail. As of 2008, and a joint survey by Goldmedia and Screen Digest discovered that point of sale (POS) screens make up 32% of the overall European installs.

However, there are other leading industries across Europe too. Thanks to Europe’s more intricate and sophisticated rail network and the higher popularity of other public transport services, the transportation industry is only just behind retail with 26% of installs.

The leisure and hospitality industries are next with a combined 22% of the industry sector. However, when it comes to sectors such as the health industry and installations of outdoor digital signage – Europe is lagging behind the USA market has only 4% of total installs – as does the health market.

However, these two sectors are expected to increase dramatically as hospital administrators realize the potential of digital signage and more advertisers realize the added benefits of taking a screen outdoors (dramatic increase in audience) far out weigh the cost of making sure the outdoor digital signage is weatherproof.

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