Display Enclosures for Outdoor Digital Signage

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Digital signage can provide real benefits to many businesses; attracting customers and raising brand awareness can be rewarded by an increased customer base and higher profits. But enclosures for outdoor digital signage systems can be large investments and any return will take time to recoup so it is vitally important that the displays are protected from any potential damage.

24"-70" Armagard's LCD Enclosure Range

24"-70" Armagard's LCD Enclosure Range

Outdoor digital signage is perhaps the most vulnerable when it comes to potential damage. Not only does an outdoor system have to cope with the wind and rain it also has to contend with extremes of temperature, both hot and cold; not to mention the unwanted attention of vandals and thieves.

And even if it’s for indoor use, if the area is unmanned or the display system is in a vulnerable location it is best to ensure it is adequately protected. By far the best form of physical protection is adisplay enclosure, commonly referred to as LCD enclosures.

Not only do display enclosures protect display devices they allow conventional LCD screens (and plasma screens & LEDs etc) to be taken outdoors or areas that are normally considered no go for electronic devices like LCD TVs.

There are numerous types of display or LCD enclosure designs from floor standing to wall mounted. Enclosures are designed to protect displays from:

  • Weather – including rain, snow, direct sunlight etc
  • Extreme Temperature
  • Theft
  • Vandalism

Display enclosures quite often accommodate media players to and offer the same protection to the enclosed PC or digital signage player.
When looking for enclosures for outdoor digital signage it is best to choose a product that is manufactured to European IP65 (or above) or NEMA 4.

Floor Standing display enclosure

Floor Standing display enclosure

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