Five Advantages of an LCD Enclosure over an Outdoor TV

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When placing a screen outside, there are two choices. Either, use an Outdoor TV, one designed to operate in all weathers, or use a standard TV and place it in an outdoor LCD enclosure, but what advantages does using an LCD enclosure offer?

Black LCD enclosure

LCD Enclosures have many advantages over outdoor TVs

  1. Cost

    One of the biggest advantages for using a TV in an outdoor enclosure is the cost savings. An Outdoor TV is highly expensive, often costing many times the price of standard models. Even with the price of a standard TV and LCD enclosure, the combined cost is a lot lower than outdoor TVs. When using more than one screen, this saving can make a huge difference on a budget, and makes getting return on the investment a lot easier and lot quicker to attain.

  2. Protection

    While outdoor TVs provide defense against weather and excessive temperatures, this protection is limited. An outdoor TV may run at temperatures as low minus five degrees, but what happens if temperatures drop further? Freak weather and temperature extremes that fall outside the normal conditions for an area could leave to the outdoor TVs failing.

  3. Toughness

    Made from steel, LCD enclosures are incredibly tough. While outdoor TVs are designed to withstand impacts, their toughness pales compared to the rugged qualities of a steel enclosure. With shatterproof screens and anti-tamper locks, LCD enclosure provides unrivaled defense against vandalism and theft.

  4. Adaptable

    LCD enclosures are customizable for almost any location. In extremely cold locations where temperatures regularly plummet below zero, heaters fitted inside the enclosure prevent internal freezing, while in warm locations where temperatures regularly exceed forty degrees, additional cooling fans or air conditioners are an option.

  5. Flexibility

    Another great advantage of LCD enclosures is their flexibility. The same enclosure can be used for several generations of screen, so when the screen needs replacing (as all TVs eventually do) the same LCD enclosure can still provide the protection, enabling you to source any make or model of the screen size you desire.

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