LCD Enclosures Installed in Train Stations and Football Stadiums

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LCD enclosures are becoming popular choices for outdoor installations of TVs and screens. Used for Digital signage, information screens and outdoor TV, LCD enclosures provide cost-effective and comprehensive protection for using screen out of the home.

The types of businesses, industries and locations that implement LCD enclosures are varied, but here are some examples of some more challenging projects where Armagard have supplied enclosures:

Train Stations

Several rail and train operators have come to Armagard for help in protecting information screens, especially in extreme weather locations. In Scandinavia, where winter temperatures plummet to well below zero, a rail operator struggled to find a solution to allow their information screens to operate in such conditions.

Armagard’s heated LCD enclosures provided the ideal solution. Insulated and containing thermostatically controlled heaters, maintaining the internal temperature of the enclosure at a steady temperature, enabling the screen to function in temperatures as low as -30 degrees centigrade.

Other train operators have had the opposite problem. In New Delhi, where summer temperatures rise above 40 degrees centigrade, LCD enclosures, again from Armagard, provided the solution; with their cooling systems ensuring the internal temperatures of the screen never rose beyond the operating limits of the screen.

Football Stadiums

Having won the bid to host the 2012 UEFA European Championships, One of Ukraine’s football stadiums decided to upgrade their facilities in preparation for the tournament. Installing information screens around the stadium was part of the plan.

The winter temperatures in the Ukraine can fall well below zero and while installed inside the stadium, the ambient temperature is still very cold. Furthermore, with such high capacity crowds expected for the tournament, the stadium wanted some form of physical protection to prevent any damage to the screens.

Using Armagard LCD enclosures, the screens installed around the stadium are not only equipped to deal with the cold, but also are protected against impact, ensuring operation, not just throughout the tournament but beyond, providing information throughout Ukraine’s winter season of football.


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