LCD Enclosures – The Perfect Screen Environment

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TV screens were once only ever used in people’s homes for the purposes of entertainment. And as people’s homes are kept warm and dry and even the most square-eyed TV addict’s set will perhaps only be on seven or eight hours a day, the demands on home entertainment have never been too taxing.

However, with the burgeoning digital signage market, TV screens are just as likely to be placed outside the home, or even in outdoor locations; having to endure the challenges of the weather, not to mention a constant 24 hours on time.

Commercial grade screens have been developed that have a broader operating window and can be left on for 24 hours and these screens are often implemented in digital signage.

However, there are locations where even a commercial grade screen’s operating window can’t cope.

LCD enclosures – the perfect LCD environment

Outdoor Digital Signage

The growth of outdoor digital signage has been tremendous over the last few years. More and more screens are being placed in outdoor locations for the purposes of advertising or information.

But even a commercial grade screen has to be protected in an outdoor location not just from the weather but also the varying temperatures, vandalism and even direct sunlight.

Often high brightness screens are used in outdoor locations but these are just commercial grade devices with more powerful backlights. While these screens work great against the sun, ensuring readability in direct sunlight, they also generate excessive temperatures.

And temperature is one of the fundamental causes of shortened life spans in screens, commercial grade or otherwise. Not only do outdoor digital signage displays generate extra heat because of the high brightness screens but the direct sunlight and ambient temperatures are also a cause for overheating. And even when this is countered the problems of temperature don’t stop there.

In the winter months, the opposite problem can occur when temperatures fall below zero; any condensation or moisture inside the device will freeze and expand, causing failure.

LCD Enclosures

Many outdoor digital signage screens are housed inside weatherproof outdoor LCD enclosures. LCD enclosures are more than just waterproof cabinets for displays they contain all the environmental elements that ensure that whatever type of screen is housed in the enclosure it is operating in the perfect temperatures and environment.

With heating cooling and even air conditioning elements housed in the LCD enclosure, commercial and even standard display devices will last longer and be able to cope with the rigors or outdoor digital signage.

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