Minimizing Potential Failures of Digital Signage

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The falling cost of LCD and plasma TV devices has meant that it is now cheaper to implement digital signage than ever before. However, there is still quite a high initial investment to be made when embarking in the digital advertising route and ensuring you get a return on this investment is obviously vital otherwise the entire campaign would be a waste of time.

One area where money is unnecessarily wasted is when screens fail and have to be replaced, stretching the limits of any return on investment even further. And if multiple screens go down or it becomes a regular occurrence that yearned for ROI may just keep getting further away.

Physical Protection

Ensuring the screen has ample protection is one way of ensuring the screen lasts as long as it should do. Accidental and deliberate damage is responsible for the need to replace many screens and ensuring that your digital signage screens can withstand accidental impacts and deliberate vandalism will prevent the need to replace units if they come under attack.

Outdoor Protection

If you are implementing outdoor digital signage then protecting the screen from the weather is another vital step in ensuring the screens will last their life cycle. Waterproof LCD enclosures and other weatherproof digital signage enclosures will go a long way to ensuring the screens are kept dry and out of the elements. Many of these waterproof and weatherproof solutions are rated using the IP65 or NEMA 4 standards.

Ambient Protection

Ensuring the screens arte operating at the correct temperature is one way you can ensure they last as long as they are designed to. Even for indoor campaigns proper air flow and insulation should be used to ensure the screens are running within the optimum operating temperature no matter what the ambient temperature.

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