Outdoor Screens – Aspects of Protection

Using modern flat screen TVs outdoors is increasingly becoming common. Outdoor digital signage, advertising screens, information screens and outdoor entertainment are just some of the reasons people deploy LCD or plasma screens in an outdoor location. Whatever the reason for the outdoor screen, protection is essential if the display is going to operate without failure. Read More

Testing LCD Enclosures

Outdoor digital signage currently makes up one in eight, outdoor advertisements, and outdoor screens are used for other applications too: providing information, news, timetables and even providing digital; menu boards outside restaurants. Read More

Outdoor Digital Signage in Extreme Weather

Whilst the sector is still not as large as the indoor market, outdoor digital signage is becoming increasingly popular with digital screens and billboards becoming more and more commonplace. Read More

Protecting display devices – LCD enclosures

Plasma and LCDs have dramatically changed not just home entertainment but also have revolutionised the signage industry. Before these new types of flat screen televisions, digital signage would have been impossible with the old bulky cathode ray tubes (CRT).

Read More

Digital Signage in Outdoor Locations

The success or failing of any digital signage campaign hinges on the number of people that can see the content. One area where the potential audience is always of a high volume is in the implementation of digital signage in outdoor locations. Read More

Waterproof Outdoor LCD TV for a Fraction of the Price

There has been a huge trend in recent years for digital outdoor entertainment. Whether it is because of global warming, smoking bans or just a cultural shift, many bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants are now in need of a Waterproof Outdoor LCD TV. Read More

NEMA Protection for Outdoor Digital Signage

Outdoor digital signage has to cope with a lot of demands that regular indoor signage systems do not. Weather systems such as rain can permanently damage an LCD system, as can snow, hail and windblown debris. Read More

Outdoor Digital Signage Helping to Curb ‘Line Rage’

Digital out of home (DOOH) media is being implemented in theme parks to keep people amused whilst waiting in line.

Most of us have experienced the frustration of having to stand patiently waiting for a ride; however, to some the frustration came be just too much. Incidents of line rage have plagued nearly all theme parks in the US and its not just amusement parks that suffer from the phenomenon. The numbers of assaults in check-out lines, cinema queues and other places where people are forced to wait patiently, have risen dramatically over the last decade. Read More

Digital Signage on a Grand Scale

Digital signage comes in all shapes and sizes but due to the advances in the technology over recent years, giant digital signage boards are now springing up all over the place, particular in outdoor locations as roadside digital billboards or other outdoor digital signage. Read More

London 2012 – What Part will Digital Signage Play?