Mounting Options for Digital Signage – Floor Ceiling or Wall

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When it comes to a successful digital signage campaign readability and location are everything. There is no point in investing in screens, content and digital signage enclosures if your message is not getting read.

Choosing the best location for an LCD screen can often make all the difference in viewers. Whilst things such as footfall, the direction people walk’ whether they are ‛captive’ or in a line, and a whole host of other factors will go into deciding the right location for your screen – another important consideration is how it is mounted.

The mounting of an LCD enclosure or screen can make a huge difference in the number of people who see, or take notice of, your sign.

Place an LCD screen too high such as hanging from a ceiling and people may walk under it and not notice it. Too low and it can also get ignored. Then there is the angle of the screen to think about – it needs to face the audience and not be away from the line of sight or difficult to read.

Mounting Options for Digital Signage

There are primarily three mounting options for digital signage screens or LCD enclosure:

Ceiling Mounted

Often used for information purposes where people seek out the screen the best method of mounting a screen from the ceiling is to use a bracket that allows adjustment of angle.

Floor Standing display enclosure

Wall Mounted

There are two ways of mounting a screen or LCD enclosure on a wall: You can mount it flat like a digital signage poster; or you can use a bracket. Again, a bracket will allow a change of angle and be more noticeable although attractive content on a digital signage poster will easily engage passers-by.

Free/Floor Standing

Possible the most noticeable method of mounting a digital signage screen is to use a floor a free standing digital signage enclosure. The downside of this is that it takes up floor space which could be valuable selling space.

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