Outdoor Digital Signage – An Overview – Part two

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Part two of our outdoor digital signage overview. In part one, we discussed the effects of Brightness and Weather, don’t forget to check it out if you missed it!.


Temperature is another concern for any outdoor digital signage device. Most TV systems are designed to operate at room temperature and even commercial grade screens that have a larger operating window are not equipped for the extremes in temperature that an outdoor screen has to cope with.

In some locations temperatures can drop well below freezing in the winter and yet become stifling hot in the summer months – and the outdoor digital signage will have to be able to not only endure both of these levels, but also have to operate in them.

Insulation, cooling fans, heaters and even air conditioning has to be considered in some locations to ensure the screen is kept at the optimum or you may have to replace the screen.


Another problem that is not unique to outdoor digital signage but is certainly more of a problem in unmanned areas is vandalism. Smashed screens, graffiti and other forms of damage has a double whammy in that the screen is not earning money when it is disabled and if it has to be replaced the added cost will make any return on investment harder to achieve.


Another factor to consider when planning an outdoor digital signage campaign is the life cycle of the LCD or plasma screen. All TVs, whether commercial or standard, will only have a finite lifespan. Keeping the screen in optimum conditions will prolong the life cycle but with the screen on permanently and in less than a perfect environment and the life cycle will be a lot less.

LCD Enclosure – The Solution

LCD enclosures are an ideal solution for protecting screens in outdoor digital signage. They are not just cabinets to house LCD screens but provide the perfect operating environment for screens, both commercial and standard. Containing all the necessary climatic systems for cooling and heating and manufactured to NEMA4 (IP65) standards from stainless steel they provide the perfect environment that will protected from all the above elements. And as they provide a perfect working environment they will prolong the lifecycle of the device too.

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