Outdoor Digital Signage – Night Time Advertising that Comes Alive

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As an advertising medium, outdoor digital signage is pretty effective at engaging an audience. Compared to standard print posters and other outdoor advertising, digital signage screens really stand out and have proved themselves to be more effective at getting a message across.

outdoor digital signage in Times Square at night

Times Square is now digital

And while outdoor digital signage is effective at this during the day, it is when night falls that the advertising medium really comes alive.

Because of the back light on modern LCD systems, the outdoor digital sign becomes incredibly luminous at night time making it stand out and be more noticeable.

Before the onset of outdoor digital signage, night time advertising on our streets was pretty much down to neon as the sole contributor, and while neon was effective at illuminating a brand or business’s name it is in now way comparable to the flexibility and versatility of digital signage.

Pictures, transitions and moving images can all be used in outdoor digital signage and the effect of such content is even more noticeable at night.

At night-time, outdoor digital signage really comes alive and content that worked well during the day suddenly becomes more vibrant and colorful – especially as many static signs become virtually invisible in the night time gloom.

The effect on many of our towns and cities can really be quite startling, especially in areas where there has always been a traditional high usage of outdoor advertising; New York’s, Times Square and London’s, Piccadilly Circus are just two examples of areas that have been dramatically changed by the advent of digital signage.

And once, where night time advertising was only in the purview of adult entertainment, outdoor digital signage has made it a cost effective possibility for all sorts of businesses and advertisers and now night time advertising is relevant to dozens of industries and sectors.

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