Outdoor TV Enclosure – Thorough Protection for Outdoor Digital Signage

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Using outdoor screens and digital signage in outside locations is increasingly becoming popular. There are so many advantages to outdoor digital signage in comparison with other advertising methods, that it is no surprise.

Outdoor TV Enclosure

Outdoor TV Enclosure – nothing offers better protection for outdoor screens

Outdoor digital signage:

  • Has the potential to reach large audiences unrivaled with indoor screens.
  • Is flexible, enabling content to be scheduled or for multiple campaigns to be run on one site.
  • As opposed to other outdoor advertising methods where technicians have to erect/stick up new content, outdoor digital signage requires no manual uploading of content – content can be uploaded centrally.

Challenges of outdoor screen use

Using a TV screen in an outdoor location is not easy. There are so many elements and factors that can inhibit the campaign, damage or permanently disable the screen that they have to be countered before you can even consider erecting an LCD in an outdoor location:

  • Weather – from rain to snow, all sorts of weather elements have to be defended against otherwise and liquid that manages to get inside the TV device will more than likely disable it.
  • Temperature – another consideration for outdoor screens is the extremes of temperature they face. Extreme heat as experienced in some locations in the summer will cause a screen to overheat; while extremely low (sub-zero) temperatures can cause components to freeze which can equally be as damaging to an LCD device.
  • Sunlight – direct sunlight is also another factor. If a screen is in bright daylight or is facing the sun then the image on the LCD will be washed out and difficult to view.
  • Vandalism – for any screen left unattended, vandalism is a serious risk. Ensuring the screen can’t be broken or damaged will not only prevent your investment from being lost but will also prevent any injuries that could occur on the damaged device – leaving you liable.

Outdoor TV Enclosure

There are various options for using a screen outdoors. Outdoor TVs are increasingly becoming common but while these devices are manufactured to be weatherproof and cope with direct sunlight, they offer very little protection against vandalism and varying temperatures. Furthermore, outdoor TV systems are inherently expensive and can cost up to ten times the cost of a commercial grade indoor TV.

Outdoor LCD enclosures are a simpler, cheaper and more thorough method of protecting outdoor screens. Not only are they waterproof, weatherproof and vandal proof (manufactured from mild steel with shatterproof screens) they house environmental and climatic systems to ensure the interior of the enclosure is the optimum operating environment for using any type of LCD device, commercial or standard, in an outdoor location.

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