Protecting an Outdoor Screen – Five Aspects

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LCD screens and other modern TV devices are no longer only used in the home. Screens are now a common sight around shopping malls, airports and retail stores used as digital signage, while outdoor digital signage is growing in popularity too.

Information screens and outdoor televisions are also becoming popular with restaurants and bars wanting to inform and entertain their patrons—especially in light of the growing use of smoking bans.

Placing a TV outside for information, entertainment or outdoor digital signage does require protection for the screen and not just from the weather either. Here are five aspects that good outdoor TV protection needs:

Weather Protection

Water and electrical items obviously don’t go together very well, so protection against rainfall is essential for an outdoor screen; however, its not just rainfall that a screen needs protecting from, snow, hail and even windblown dust can all damage a screen. Any screen placed outside needs comprehensive weather protection from all these elements in order to operate in an outdoor environment.


Outdoor temperatures can vary from sub-zero to extremely hot, depending on location and season. All outdoor screens need to ensure that whatever extremes the ambient temperature reaches the screen needs to be able to cope with it. Often digital signage enclosures require heaters and cooling systems to maintain a steady temperature.


The sun can cause problems for an outdoor screen. Sun glare and the brightness of the sun can prevent a screen from being readable, but it can also damage the screen if the sun’s rays are continually bearing down on the screen face as it can lead to permanent burning on the screen. High brightness screens can ensure readability, while measures to transfer any heat from the screen face caused by direct sunlight need implementing.

Vandalism and Impact

Another aspect to protecting outdoor screens is ensuring the screen is rugged enough to defend against attempts at vandalism. LCD screens are easily damaged so should be protected from deliberate attacks, utilizing shatterproof screens and making sure the enclosure is tough enough to prevent harm. Even a screen in a supervised location and not vulnerable to vandalism requires physical protection as accidental impacts or even wind blown debris (especially during gales or hurricanes) can damages a screen.


Another aspect of protection is securing the screen, not just from vandalism, but also from people gaining access to the device. Not only could this be dangerous, causing injury and shock, but it can also lead to theft or pranksters tampering with the software, placing offence images on the display that could lead the screen owner liable.

LCD Enclosures

LCD enclosures offer all round, comprehensive protection for outdoor screens, and are ideal for protecting screens outdoors for outdoor digital signage, outdoor TVs or information screens.

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