Some Common Mistakes in the Implementation of Digital Signage

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As with any new technology a lot of trial and error is involved with implementing digital signage. However, with more and more organisations wanting to get involved with digital advertising and anxieties over return on investment (ROI) being commonplace it is often beneficial to learn from other people’s mistakes.

There are some common errors made time and time again and avoiding them may help improve the chance of your digital signage campaign being a success and you seeing a return on your investment:

Wrong Location

No matter how good the content, how expensive the screens or how fantastic the message you want to get across; if the digital signage is sited in the wrong place and is not getting the attention it deserves then it could all be an expensive waste of time. Always ensure the signage is sited in the busiest location possible. Often this means taking the device outside as outdoor digital signage will always have a lager audience available to it compared to indoor signs.

When positing devices ensure they are at eye-level. It was a common mistake in the early days of digital signage to hang them from the ceiling. Unfortunately people would walk underneath and pay little regard to the signs.

Expensive Equipment

It is often assumed that the more spent on TV screens, LCD enclosures and media players the better the system will be. However, content is key when it comes to digital signage so it doesn’t matter if the screen cost $100 or $10,000, it will still be as effective if the content is the same.

Even when it comes to outdoor digital signage there is no need to spend vast fortunes on weatherproof and waterproof systems. Standard devices can be used in outdoor locations as long as they are housed in a waterproof LCD enclosure which can offer all the protection needed.

Complicated Content

When you consider that a digital sign will be viewed perhaps for no more than a couple of seconds when somebody walks by then complicated and lengthy content is unnecessary and ineffective. Keep content simple and keep the screen clutter free. Try not to bombard the viewer with too much information. Emphasis the key points and make sure important information like a phone number is clear.

Get Permission

Remember that you may need permission to site a digital sign if it is on somebody else’s property. You should also ensure that you follow all regulations for signage that a local authority may require. Remember content should be suitable for all audiences so overt sexual or other type of content should be avoided.

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