Street Signs – The Changing Face of Outdoor Advertising

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Outdoor advertising has been part and parcel of our high street furniture since the development of the printing press. Once printing became a cheap enough process, retailers and merchants soon discovered the benefits of signs and adverts that promoted their brand and their products.

Soon, our high streets, road sides and shop frontages were covered on bill boards, posters and advertisements.

However, with so much competition around much of the Outdoor advertising in the latter part of the twentieth century became neutral, in that advertisers found they would have to have an outdoor advertising campaign just to stop getting left behind, rather than increase revenue.

Digital signage a new method of outdoor advertising

This problem has been caused partly because of the over use of outdoor advertisements and also the fact that as they are so common people are now blind to them – subconsciously blocking out the messages.

A New Way – Digital Signage

Getting noticed is therefore one of the primary objectives of an outdoor advertisement campaign, and there is now a modern, dynamic and eye-catching way of advertising in outdoor locations – outdoor digital signage.

Outdoor digital signage is the use of LCD screens, they type normally used for home TV entertainment, taken outside and used to display advertising content.

Being a digital medium this means that advertisers are not restricted to using static images and can use animations, moving images and even sound to promote their advertisements.

Digital advertisers can also change the adverts in any given time-frame allowing multiple adverts to be displayed on the same signage screen.

Content for digital signage can be uploaded by using a small media playing device or by networking the screens together making replacing the content simple and flexible.

Protection for Outdoor Advertising Screens

Obviously most TV screens are not designed to operate in outdoor locations so they need to be protected. An outdoor LCD enclosure will provide the necessary waterproofing protection to allow these devices to be used outdoors. LCD enclosures are also manufactured from solid steel so they provide a robust defense against impacts and vandalism too.

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