Testing LCD Enclosures

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Outdoor digital signage currently makes up one in eight, outdoor advertisements, and outdoor screens are used for other applications too: providing information, news, timetables and even providing digital; menu boards outside restaurants.

Using a screen outside for any purpose still amounts to a significant investment. Not only do you have to source the screen, media player and get them installed, but also the system needs to cope with the weather and excessive temperature.

Ensuring your outdoor screen or digital signage enclosure offers complete protection is essential, because if it doesn’t, you could end up finding the display has succumbed to the environment and requires replacing, repair or maintenance.

LCD enclosures are a common choice for using an outdoor screen as they can house standard TV systems and allow their use outdoors. This has dramatic cost savings as equivalent outdoor screens and made-for-outdoor signage systems can cost many times more.

Comprehensive protection is essential for any outdoor screen as just the smallest amount of moisture caused by rainfall, can lead to the display permanently failing.

At Armagard we test all our enclosures, thoroughly, so our customers have peace of mind that the LCD Enclosure won’t leak, or allow any ingress of liquid through.

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