The Future of Outdoor Television

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With the Internet broadcasting TV programs, radio shows, films and music there is a growing divergence of media and the traditional platforms have become somewhat indistinguishable. People are now just as likely to watch television on the Internet, than on their home TV systems or have an outdoor television.

However, there has not been a fall off in the number of televisions sold annually and, part of this reason is that televisions too have found new applications and one of the fastest growing is using LCD and plasma TV devices for digital signage, narrowcast advertising or digital out of home media (Dooh).

Now LCD TVs are just as likely to be found in shopping malls, retail parks, schools, colleges and concourses as they are to be found in living rooms. Home entertainment is now only part of the remit of the LCD TV an they are just as likely to be seen utilizing digital signage as they are playing the latest Hollywood blockbuster.

And a growing number of TV systems are being implemented outside for outdoor digital signage and outdoor television entertainment.

Outdoor TV systems are primarily the same devices as those used in the average home. However, additional protection is afforded these devices to allow them to operate in outdoor elements in the shape of an LCD enclosure.

LCD enclosures allow standard TV systems to be used in all sorts of conditions, not just outdoors, as the LCD enclosure protects against water (including rainfall and washdown), airborne debris (dust etc) excessive temperatures, humidity, heavy impacts, attempted theft and vandalism.

LCD enclosures are being used in outdoor digital signage applications and as a means of allowing bars, pubs and restaurants, to install outdoor TV systems as a means of outdoor entertainment.

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