Thinking of Using an Outdoor Display – Some Hints and Tips

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There are many reasons why using an outdoor display can be beneficial for a business. For advertising, branding, public information, or even entertainment, there are many uses for flat panel screens.

LCD enclosrues offer all round protection

For outdoor digital signage, the advantages of using a display far outweigh other methods of outdoor advertising. Not only is digital content more engaging and eye-catching, the flexibility of digital signage enables multiple content, scheduled adverts, and once installed, content can be uploaded remotely.

There are some important challenges to overcome before you can embark in using an outdoor display:

Protecting an outdoor display from Weather and Temperature

Crucial for any display tasked with operating outdoors is protection from the weather and climate. Outdoor displays are becoming increasingly available although they are still an expensive investment and while they are well protected from the weather, in areas where extreme temperatures are regularly present, they are often not adequate to ensure the screen is maintained at the optimum temperature.

Physical Protection of an outdoor display

Another drawback with an outdoor TV is the lack of physical protection they offer. Outdoor screens are highly expensive so they need to be protected from impacts and acts of aggression.

A damaged or vandalized screen will need to be replaced, and in the case of outdoor screens, this can run into thousands of dollars.

All-round Protection

There is, however, an alternate solution to the outdoor screen, which not only offers all round protection against the weather and physical impact, it can also save you money too.

LCD enclosures are ideal for outdoor digital signage and other outdoor display use as they not only offer the same level of weather protection as an outdoor LCD, but also they contain cooling fans and other temperature controls as well as providing a steel barrier to protect against impact.

But the real beauty of an outdoor LCD enclosure is the cost savings. As these cost effective housings for LCDs offer all the outdoor protection that is needed for outdoor digital signage, there is no need to buy an expensive waterproof or outdoor screen.

Simply use a standard indoor or commercial grade screen inside the LCD enclosure and you will have a waterproof and outdoor resistant screen for a fraction of the cost.

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