Who uses an LCD Enclosure?

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LCD enclosures are an affordable method of outdoor digital signage and protecting LCD and plasma screens in harmful environments. There is an assumption that an LCD enclosure is mainly for industrial applications or outdoor use but many other businesses and institutions are using them for a multitude of purposes.

An LCD Enclosure for Secure Television Protection

Many institutions such as psychiatric hospitals, prisons, schools and colleges are using LCD enclosures as a method of protecting standard TV screens. As an LCD enclosure is manufactured from steel they offer the perfect protection in these sorts of institutions.

An LCD Enclosure for Outdoor Television Protection

Many entertainment and leisure facilities such as pubs, bars and restaurants are opting to place TV entertainments systems outdoors to entertain patrons. More and more people are spending evenings in the outdoors, especially since the introduction of the Europe wide smoking bans. LCD enclosures make an ideal solution for installing a flat panel LCD or plasma screen outside. They offer weather proof protection as well as affording secure protection for the screen and TV itself.

An LCD Enclosure for Outdoor Digital Signage

But its not just entertainment systems that are being placed in LCD enclosures, they make an affordable method of outdoor digital signage too. By using a standard plasma or LCD TV and place it in the LCD Enclosure makes it a perfect protective solution for displaying information and digital advertising.

An LCD Enclosure for Industrial Digital Signage

Digital signage systems in indoor but hazardous environments are also benefiting from using LCD enclosures. Whether it’s a dusty packing area or a location that is washed down regularly like food manufacturing facilities, then an LCD enclosure will allow the safe use of standard TV equipment in almost any industrial location.

LCD enclosures offer all the protection of outdoor TVs and industrial monitors but are far more cost efficient and offer an added flexibility that permanent outdoor TV systems do not.

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