Why Advertisers Have Gone Digital

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Nearly all our technologies have gone digital. Radio and TV have gone digital – as have cameras and music players – so it is no wonder that advertisers have also moved into the digital world with a vengeance.

Digital advertising is modern and dynamic

While Internet advertising has not been able to provide the same revenues of radio and TV advertising, one form or digital advertising has proved really successful – digital signage.

Digital signage is the use of flat panel TV screens – LCD or plasma – that are taken out of the home environment and placed in retail stores, shopping malls and even along the high street as outdoor digital signage.

These digital screens are used as a replacement for the traditional posters and billboards advertisers conventionally use, and while there is quite a high initial investment in going digital, the benefits and advantages soon outweigh the cost.


The advantages of digital advertising using LCD screens are numerable but include:

More engaging and eye-catching than conventional adverts; moving images, transitions and even sound can generate far more interest than static 2D signs.

  • Multiple ads – more content can be displayed on a single screen, creating more revenue for advertisers.
  • Flexible – content can be scheduled or changed depending on the demands and/or the time of day.
  • Modern – looks far more appealing to an audience than ripped, faded or worn posters.
  • Remote content – no need to hire technicians to replace adverts when it can be done remotely – and in real-time.


Using screens in this way does come with certain challenges, though; especially when it comes to outdoor digital signage where the screens have to be protected from the weather elements, impacts, vandalism and temperature.

However, many of these challenges can be overcome with an outdoor LCD enclosure. These are more than just protective steel housings as many contain all the climatic systems – cooling fans, heaters and even air conditioning – to ensure the perfect environment for an LCD screen inside the enclosure at all times. Even standard indoor devices can then be taken outdoors and used as outdoor digital signage.

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